We only use butter,fresh cream and all pastries are hand made with butter

 Tart sizes - 6cm, 8cm ,10cm or 1 large tart 20cm - 8-10 slices

Baked custard filo tarts topped with fresh strawberry slices

Belgian chocolate ganache

Baked Belgian chocolate

White chocolate & pistachio

Pear & almond

Apple & almond

Berry & almond

Apricot & custard

French fruit tart

Lemon meringue

Lemon curd tarts topped with whipped cream & toasted almonds

Tarte Tatin-Handmade butter puff pastry sqaures topped with your choice of:

Nectarine,apple,pear, plum,pineapple or strawberry

 Caramel Pecan bars -Pecans,macadamia,hazelnut,walnut,almond

Pecan tarts

Strawberry shortcake cups

Cinnamon & honey shortcake cups

Pecan & caramel shortcake cups

Blueberry & honey shortcake cups

Jam windmills

Portuguese custard tarts

Eclairs (chocolate or caramel filled with crème patisserie)

Paris brest (filled with crème patisserie, topped with flaked almonds)

Brioche (Belgian chocolate or raisin & cinnamon)

Belgian chocolate brownies

Belgian chocolate fudge cookies and cream brownies

Tiramisu cups

Filo baskets filled with crushed nuts, lemon syrup & fresh fruit

Strawberry ,blueberry or raspberry mille feuille

 White or Belgian chocolate bundt cakes with ganache

Mini Pavlova with whipped cream & fresh fruit

Large Pavlova with whipped cream & fresh fruit

Baby meringues (orange blossom, peppermint, vanilla or rose water)

Baby vanilla meringues sandwiched with chocolate

Mini vanilla cheesecakes with whipped cream & fresh fruit

Cinnamon & brown sugar Palmiers

Belgian chocolate puff pastry twists

Cinnamon & brown sugar twists

*****Cakes, cookies, & cupcakes from our regular selection are also available*****



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