Tarts may also be served as a canapé or with drinks

Tarts available in the following sizes:

You may choose from the following bases: Shortcrust pastry/Filo pastry/puff pastry

All tarts are sold in 1 dozen quantities (12's) excludes the 20cm large tart

Available in the following sizes

6cm- canape or cocktail size

8cm -mini

10cm-served with salads or sides as a small meal(Lunch)

12 cm

20cm large (if you prefer slices)

Spinach, feta & sesame seed

Roasted butternut & feta with herb pesto

Roasted pepper, herb pesto & parmesan

Feta, caramelized onion & coriander

Roasted tomato, goat’s cheese & herb pesto

Leek, pea & cheddar

Paprika & lemon chicken with coriander mayo

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, feta & herb pesto

Smoked salmon, sautéed leek & lemon cream cheese

Asparagus & cheddar (seasonal)

Roasted tomato, mushroom with parmesan/feta & herb pesto

Grilled aubergine, chilli & feta with walnuts

Mushroom, thyme, chilli & feta with chives

Pear, caramelised pecan, goat’s cheese

Sautéed chicken, rosemary, garlic & olives

Minted lamb with garlic & whole grain mustard topped with pea puree

Sautéed chicken, sweet chilli sauce, coriander & julienne carrot

Potato, parmesan & caramelised onion


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