Cake Menu

Gooey Gateau with fresh berries ( Whipped Belgian chocolate ganache layered with chocolate sponge topped with fresh seasonal berries)

Vanilla sponge with lemon curd filling and toasted lemon meringue frosting

Traditional and moist carrot cake with double thick cream cheese icing

Strawberry macaroon cake ( almond meringue biscuit exterior with soft & chewy interior filled with chantilly cream topped with fresh strawberries)

Strawberry Gateaux ( Vanilla genoise sponge filled with double thick chantilly cream and lots of strawberries including strawberries all around the cake)

Coconut layer cake ( light coconut sponge with coconut mousseline cream topped with white chocolate shavings and toasted coconut)

Chocolate panforte (Traditional Italian Christmas torta, contains nuts, Belgian chocolate, cherries etc.)

Pistachio charlotte (Home made sponge biscuits filled with pistachio creme mousseline topped with crushed pistachio praline surrounded by sponge biscuits and green ribbon)

Mocha sponge with mocha frosting and finished with chocolate ganache and meringue dollops

Polenta, lemon and almond cake

Chocolate Torte (layers of chocolate meringue and whipped chocolate ganach topped with chocolate shavings and fresh berries

Hazelnut toffee cake (coffee sponge with coffee buttercream covered in hazelnut praline and hazelnut sugar work)

Orange Blossom chiffon cake

Traditional baked cheesecake

Baked caramel cheesecake

Belgian chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate brownie cheesecake

Fridge Oreo cheesecake

Almond vanilla sponge with sweet cream cheese icing topped with fresh strawberries & white chocolate shavings

Caramel Pecan bundt Cake

Mini vanilla sponge loafs with caramel icing, flaked almonds, drizzled with white chocolate

Mini chocolate sponge loafs with caramel icing, pistachio nuts, drizzled with dark chocolate

Dark chocolate bundt cake with Belgian chocolate ganache and crushed pistachios

Vanilla seed butter cake with white chocolate ganache and crushed pistachios

Mini dark chocolate bundt cakes with Belgian chocolate ganache and crushed pistachios

Mini vanilla seed bundt cake with white chocolate ganache and crushed pistachios

Gateau St. Honore ( Layers of sponge with profiteroles filled with creme patisserie and all assembled using caramelised sugar)

Rose garden cake

Apple and pecan cake with cinnamon frosting

Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing

Mini Tirimisu cakes

Mini Lemon meringue cakes

Crocombouche: Traditional French Wedding cake topped with fresh berries and spun sugar

Sour Cream coffee cake with crumble topping

Sour cream ginger cake

Kevin Bender Photography
Rose & pistachio cake with orange mascarpone icing



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