Boutique Boulangerie

Catering Menu


Snack Platters/ Canapés

Tomato, olive, herb pesto & feta on crostini

Caramelized pear, blue cheese with rocket & pecan nuts on crostini

Grilled aubergine, herb pesto & feta on crostini

Sweet chilli & ginger chicken skewers

Spinach & feta filo triangles with sesame seeds

Cumin lamb & apricot filo pocket with mint yoghurt

Chicken meatball with spring onion & chilli

Bilini topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives

Grilled mushroom, pepper & courgette skewer with herb pesto

                    Haloumi, potato & caramelized butternut skewers with mint crème fraiche                

Aubergine involtini with mozzarella & herb pesto

Vietnamese Springrolls

Made with a healthy and delicious and soft rice wrapper served with our sweet, sour and hot dipping sauce

 Choose from the following fillings

Crunchy stir fried vegetables

Garlic chilli chicken

Smoked salmon



Tarte Tatin or vol au vent

Caramelised balsamic onion & feta

Blue cheese & onion marmalade

Caramelised red onion, feta & coriander

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, feta & herb pesto

Smoked salmon, chives & cream cheese

Lightly creamed spinach, roasted butternut & feta

Mozzarella, tomato & herb pesto


Cheese platters 

Camembert, blue cheese, goat’s cheese with biscuits, green fig preserve & onion marmalade

Goats cheese truffles (sweet chilli, thyme, caramelised nuts, and pesto) with biscuits, green fig preserve

Whole baked camembert in filo pastry with green fig preserve



To go with wine/drinks/cocktails

Parmesan & parsley straws

Cheddar & thyme cheese straws

Pepperdew & cheese straws

Roasted mixed nuts with chilli, honey & rosemary

Spiced marinated olives with rosemary, chilli & lemon oil

Lavoush crackers with the following dips

Roasted & minted aubergine

Roasted pepper, garlic & herb



Sandwich platters

Cream cheese, baby tomato & pesto

Egg mayonnaise & spring onion

Chicken mayonnaise

Lemon paprika chicken

Smoked salmon & cream cheese


Moroccan chickpea salad

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables in balsamic with parmesan

Roasted butternut, feta & chickpea with sweet chilli dressing

Caramelised pear, pecan & blue cheese

Potato, gherkins, spring onion, homemade mayonnaise

Saffron cous cous with roasted, onion, carrots, crushed almonds, orange & coriander dressing

Grilled mushroom, garlic, grilled baby tomato & parmesan

Stem broccoli, toasted sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds & almonds with feta




Roasted Mediterranean vegetables in creamy tomato sauce with red chilli

Roasted butternut, caramelised pecan & feta

Paprika chicken with spiced tomato sauce & parmesan shavings

Smoked salmon, sautéed baby tomato, fennel & garlic cream reduction & parmesan shavings




Traditional Minestrone

Creamy potato & leek

Spiced chickpea with coriander & sour cream

Roasted tomato & green pepper with a dash of cream

Butternut with chilli sour cream

Coconut, chilli and carrot



Food items

Grilled polenta cakes with brown mushroom, tomato chutney, parmesan shavings, herb pesto, feta & rocket

Mediterranean vegetable Mille Feuille with feta & herb pesto

Potato & courgette rösti

Mushroom, parmesan, tomato & herb pesto

Cream cheese & smoked salmon with sprouts


Mini Foccacia

Caramelied onion, feta & coriander

Marinated peppers, rocket & parmesan

Mushroom, feta & caramelised onion

Grilled aubergine with mint & creamy hummus



Chicken Tikka Biryani

Traditional Vegetable Biryani

Thai Prawn & chicken curry

Chilli, coriander and cumin crab cakes with coconut sauce

Roasted herb potatoes with sage and lemon

Moroccoan lamb with chickpeas,peppers and mint

Stuffed chicken breast with mushroom and sauteed garlic spinach

Seafood Paella

Traditional Crab curry

South Indian Fish curry made with tamarind

Spiced Paneer stuffed peppers with green beans and baby tomatoes

Roasted vegetable and paneer roulade

Figs with parmesan, basil, rocket & honey salad

Cucumber, poppy seed,red chilli sweet and sour salad

Marinated aubergine, sesame seed, oregano,coriander and mint yoghurt salad

 Steamed French beans and mangetout with crushed hazelnut & orange

Parsnip and pumpkin mash

Roasted sweet potato with maple & pecan

Creamy potato and parmesan gratin

Cous cous with apricots, mint, pistachios, oven dried tomatoes & goats cheese

Harissa chicken

Roast chicken with cumin, corainder and lemon

Roasted chicken with saffron,hazelnuts and honey

Buttery prawns with olives,tomato & dill

Bulgar with roasted peppers, dates and coriander

Beetroot with spicy yoghurt

Honey & mustard chicken



If you would like a cheese board set up, dessert buffet, private dinner services, plated food, Please inquire about our additional services

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