Breakfast Menu


Mini cups of fresh fruit & berries with vanilla & orange yoghurt topped with roasted oats, almonds & a drizzle of honey: R35 each (disposable cup & spoon)



All savoury muffins are topped with either pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds

Red pepper, gouda & basil muffins

Tomato, herb & pepperdew cheese muffins

Sweetcorn, cheese & pepperdew muffins

Pepperdew, cheese & herb pesto buns

Happy day muffins (grated carrot, brown sugar, cinnamon & apple)


Breakfast pastries

Raisin & pistachio puff wheels

Blueberry & honey shortcake buns

Orange & raisin muffins with toasted coconut

Bran, carrot & cranberry muffins

Banana & cinnamon muffin

Belgian chocolate crescent pastry


Breakfast food items - minimum quantity

Potato & courgette rosti with smoked salmon cream cheese & poached egg with hollandaise

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & pesto on bruschetta

Roasted tomato, mushroom & scrambled egg on bruschetta (Lacto- Vegetarian option- goats cheese)


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